• 2018 JMLP Meeting Brings Mentors & Coordinators Together

    Meeting Brings Mentors & Coordinators Together
    This year's JMLP Meeting, held in Torrance, CA, brought together mentors and coordinators from all over the country to discuss professional development, new resources from the Center.  

  • Introducing the James Madison Legacy Project

    Empowering Students and Teachers
    The James Madison Legacy Project (JMLP) is a three-year initiative to provide high quality professional development in civics and government to teachers of high-need students throughout the country.

  • Students Excel in Civics

    James Madison Legacy Project 
    Students Excel in Civic KnowledgeGreat news! A preliminary analysis done by Dr. Diana Owen and her team at Georgetown University has found that students of teachers who completed James Madison Legacy Project professional development scored higher on a test of civic knowledge than the control group!
  • JMLP Summer Institutes

    Summer Institutes 
    Teachers across the country participate in multi-day professional development that empowers them to work with high-need students using the pedagogy and content from the We the People Curriculum.