• About Citizens, Not Spectators

    About Citizens, Not Spectators
    Citizens, Not Spectators is a program to increase the voting rate among young Americans by providing engaging voter education to students in grades 4-12. To accomplish this goal, the curriculum demystifies the voting process by teaching students how to cast a vote, how the voting process works, how to become an informed voter, and why it is important to cast an informed vote.
  • Teach Citizens, Not Spectators

    Citizens-Teachers-Showcase-1Teach Citizens, Not SpectatorsEngage your students in hands-on learning about the voting process. Students learn why they should vote, how to register to vote, and how to cast an informed vote. The culminating activity is to cast a vote using an actual ballot or a ballot that your students have created. For grades 4-12.         

  • Be a Citizen, Not a Spectator

    Be a Citizen, Not a Spectator
    The future of the country is in your hands. Learn why you should vote, how to register to vote, and how to vote. Your vote does make a difference. Learn more today.

Logo_centerAbout the Center for Civic Education
The Center for Civic Education is an independent, nonprofit organization based in California with a network of program coordinators in every state and congressional district in the country and in more than seventy emerging and advanced democracies throughout the world. The mission of the Center is to promote an enlightened and responsible citizenry that is committed to democratic principles and actively engaged in the practice of democracy in the United States and other countries.

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Logo_arsalynAbout the Arsalyn Program
Arsalyn Program of Ludwick Family Foundation was created to encourage young Americans to become informed and active participants in the electoral process. Arsalyn views the civic and political engagement of young people as beneficial to country, community and character. Arsalyn is firmly committed to a non-partisan, non-issue-based and inclusive approach to ensure that voting becomes a lifetime commitment on the part of our nation's young adults.

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